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Did you know your church can enable congregants to tithe directly through your church newsletter or bulletin? For your online church newsletter, simply add links to your online giving forms or encourage readers to contribute to your text-to-tithe campaign. If your newsletter is on paper, you can still steer readers toward tithing online by including a QR code link or text-to-tithe instructions. T-Shirt Fundraising Selling t-shirts is a classic fundraising approach for any age group. Thanks to online t-shirt fundraising services , this idea is even easier. You can design custom, high-quality t-shirts to sell to your congregation as well as friends and family outside the church.

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You fully control the UI of your dating site and apps. Enhance it with add-ons and templates from the Marketplace. Free support In live chat, by email, phone, Facebook and Twitter. Best Dating Software Finalist Full control over your website from design to tariffs and member data. No coding experience required Customize your entire site with ease.

Comedy night Give everyone a great laugh while raising money.

And in theory, networking sounds great. Building real, human relationships with mentors, peers, colleagues, industry friends, and other inspiring and smart people who may be able to help you achieve your goals? In some cases, a lot of time. The same applies for networking. All that hosting positions you as a leader, which is a great trait for your community to see—especially if someone in your network is hiring, bringing on a consultant, or looking for a co-captain.

I recommend holding events monthly or—if things are super nuts—quarterly. The goal is to introduce yourself, see who you click with, and make a plan to get in touch with those people in the near future on a day when you can spare an hour to write a few emails or grab a coffee in person. One of the best ways to do that? A few times a week, I pop in and see what people are talking about.

Similarly, I ask for help when I need it. That said, spend a little time getting to know the community before you start posting.

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Speed date a sustainability expert Speed date a sustainability expert Wednesday, September 5, Share news: Council is hosting a speed dating event like no other, helping residents book a date with leading green home architects, designers and sustainability experts on ways they can improve efficiency in their household. The free event at Bayside City Council on 6 October , involves 15 environmental experts sharing a range of ideas during minute “dates” with local homeowners.

These experts will cover all things sustainability from reducing household energy bills through to home improvements and installations including, draught-proofing, insulation and energy efficiencies. Mayor, Cr Laurence Evans said Council is committed to being carbon neutral by and supports any initiatives that will help reduce community greenhouse gas emissions in Bayside.

Geodes are Iowa’s state gem.

Unfortunately all singles events are not the same and it really comes down to the organizer of the event. Some have your best interest at heart, and others are just looking to make a quick dollar and do not put any time or effort into putting on a quality event. Here are some guidelines to selecting a speed dating company, but many of the criteria can be applied to general singles events as well. Does the company advertise more than one age group for the same night?

This is a little trick that SOME not all companies play. They advertise two different age groups for the same night e. You call up the organizer who says, yes we have 20 men and 21 women attending. Beware, because this may be a trick. Remember, two different age groups were advertised and , but their is only one event taking place and the organizer is mixing everyone together. So the actual age group for the night is You may be meeting 20 people that night, but the age variance is HUGE.

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We all know what that means. Guess what else is here? First though, you will have to choose which events you will be hosting. As you make your selections, just remember one thing.

Talking of which, after everyone has eaten, you will be taken up to the lounge, and you can collect your possessions on the way.

It is time to stand in line for the waffles and ice cream, climb on to the thrill rides and enjoy once more the voice that attempts to lure passers-by to see the three-legged calf. Others, of course just want to see their favorite artists at the grandstand shows. But like any institution that has been around over years, the fair has seen a lot of changes since its Lehigh County Agricultural Society founders held the first in at 4th and Union streets on the vast lawn that had once belonged to the Allen family.

And perhaps during no decade has the Allentown Fair undergone greater change than in the s. And the first fair that followed in was still very similar to those in the pre-war era with a lot of emphasis on the agricultural exhibits and horse harness races. But by the latter part of the decade it was clear that it was a new fair, one that reflected the changing nature of the times. Here is a look back at the fair of and the changes that marked the decade.

Ladies, grab your cloche hat, and gentlemen, your hip flaks for a trip back in time. You might want to bring your raccoon coat as well, in those days the fairs were held in late September and nights could get chilly. One of the biggest changes from just ten years before was the arrival of the automobile. By automobile speed races were a big attraction.

Arts at the Armory

The life of a typical young professional in the Washington DC area is looking more like the professionals roaming around Los Angeles and New York. Washington is becoming an epicenter for young entrepreneurs and business men and women to start businesses, invest, and create a home base. These young professionals are starting new trends with socializing and dating in dc as well.

Hang flyers around campus to advertise your services.

How Much Do Bloggers Make? Updated January 14, How much do bloggers make? The general pageviews-to-income ratio then When I first asked people to share what they were making in , I saw a general trend emerge. These days the trend seems to clearly point in the direction of creating and selling your own products as well as things like affiliate marketing one of my top income streams which I list here , sponsored posts, etc.

Your niche How effective your networking is If you are fortunate enough to be recognized and linked to by well-known bloggers If you have outstanding content that makes people keep coming back If you have multiple income streams Your type and number of income streams If you write about topics for which there are companies willing to pay advertising And more The list goes on and on.

How much time does an income-producing blog require? I would say, your income is pretty proportional to the amount of time you put in. You could probably make a decent part-time income doing so, but getting to that point would require a good amount of blogging knowledge and experience. How long will it take before I start making money on my blog?

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Affiliate marketing used to be easy. Think bigger; not smaller. This site is dedicated to helping you find only the highest paying and most reputable affiliate programs available. The bottom line in affiliate marketing is this:

Over the course of the night, I had an extremely positive experience.

Amtrak’s train, the California Zephyr, serves the southern portion of Iowa. Guests who are driving will likely use one of these four primary highways: Public transportation may be limited in some areas, so check in advance so your guests know what to expect. What to Do and See in Iowa The activities, events and attractions across the state of Iowa are wonderfully diverse.

From the bustling streets of Des Moines to the picturesque Bridges of Madison County, there is no shortage of year-round events and destinations to entertain guests before and after your wedding day. Food and Favors Elizabeth Henson Photos Whether you come from two born and bred Iowa families or are bringing in relatives from all over the country or world , embracing unique elements of the heartland will help make your wedding memorable for all who attend. Consider these ideas for bringing the food and culture of Iowa to your wedding celebration.

Iowa is the top producer of pork in the US, and is famous for immense pork tenderloin sandwiches that aren’t even close to being contained by a bun. Serve them up slider-style during your cocktail hour or pass out the sandwiches as a late-night snack after your guests have hit the dance floor. Not into swine dining? Maid-Rite sandwiches are another Iowa staple and would be a welcome addition as an appetizer or at your after-party.

Dutch letters, pastries that are loaded with creamy almond paste, are a popular dessert. Do Your Guests a Favor: Iowa-Inspired Take-Home Treats There are many ways to bring Iowa charm into your wedding though individual favors or fun regional items placed into guest welcome bags.

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Get ready to laugh, wonder, cringe or unwind. Angel Comedy in Islington Where: Any Evening Hilarious comedians. The mood is positively buoyant. This is going well.

The range of sensory experiences it provides is probably the biggest surprise of the night.

Views and clues inside Detroit’s party scene Credit: Reich, event coordinator for the Detroit area Lock and Key events, will try to prove you wrong. Attendees will attempt to match the locks and keys. For every match you make, you will be entered to win a raffle prize which include cash, manicures, candles, comedy passes and complimentary admission to future Lock and Key events.

We hope that in the future this can happen in Detroit too. Guests will mingle until 9: The event will include free appetizers until 10 p. For more information, visit www. Just be sure to leave room for it to find you. Until they met by chance at a birthday party in an Orlando bar, Aaron Bean and Katie Merrigan counted themselves among the thousands of singles in Orlando. The Internet bristles with an arsenal of dating apps and surefire matchmaking algorithms.

Orlando usually winds up in the middle tier of such lists, as it did in a recent Forbes. Cooler than Miami, cooler than Chicago, cooler than Los Angeles.

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Without further ado, the list… Update April 20, Org, please visit our transcription jobs page. Update December 2, Sell your services as a freelancer. One of the best ways to make money is to offer services including but not limited to web design, graphic design, copywriting, translation, etc.

Start a drop shipping company to support a local business or several local businesses.

Continue Reading Below Advertisement Have you tried speed dating but found the conversation to be stiff and forced? Then it’s time to try something new! No, don’t do anything drastic, like find a way to have meaningful conversations with people — go to an eye gazing party , which combines speed dating with all the fun of silent, judgmental stares.

By looking into your partner’s eyes and doing absolutely nothing else. We’re told “the pairs switch up every two minutes, for a total of 45 minutes,” suggesting that Ellsberg is as bad at math as he is at partying. But don’t worry, it won’t be awkward, because there will be “inviting beats in the background,” which hopefully means ” Hungry Eyes ” on repeat. Continue Reading Below Continue Reading Below Advertisement Those of us who find extended eye contact with strangers uncomfortable and I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that’s basically everyone reading this would disagree with Ellsberg’s claim that eye contact is the “Cadillac of icebreakers.

Their teeth glimmer in the bright winter sun. After the 45 minutes are up, you switch to afterparty mode, where the drinks flow and the music shifts to “luscious beats vibing. At this point, you can talk to the owners of the irises you memorized, allowing you to exchange contact information or, more likely, ask each other what you were thinking about while you eye-fucked.

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