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Typically the board meets once per month. Kudos to all the folks who put their names on the ballot to fill posts on local city councils and school boards, etc. Choices for voters are always a good thing. Four newcomers stepping forward to throw their hats into the ring is a good thing. Neither of the sitting board members whose positions are up for grabs this year, Lori Bogart and Steve Goettling, filed to seek re-election. We thank them for their past service.

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The Educated Canadian by: Anonymous Yeah then they talk about low class, dumb, uneducated Philipinas You need a reality check MOFOs. I’m Greek btw hahaahaha.

I like to meet people.

People Eating People at Jamestown At the left is 14 year-old “Jane,” as reconstructed by experts investigating cannibalism at Jamestown, the oldest permanent English colony in America. It’s likely that Jane’s flesh was eaten, after her death, by settlers in Virginia struggling through a period of virtual starvation, As indeed it was, in cash crop terms.

Africans captured in Angola and brought to Jamestown in as indentured servants to work the fields began the shift towards slavery in Virginia. By the mid 17th century, slave-tended tobacco dominated the landscape. Today Jamestown Settlement does a month of garden activities called “Seed to Stalk,” and it all starts June 1.

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Out of control fires near Wottamolla Out of control fires near Wottamolla The Royal National Park has been closed as firefighters battle two bushfires in Sydney’s south. Vision courtesy of ABC News More videos The story of the Bitter Bench Following Brisbane City Council’s removal of bus shelters, a place that provided cover to the city’s homeless, activist collective Dirty Work came up with an ingenious plot to make pedestrians think about the disadvantaged impacted by the change.

It was rigged to tip people off as they sat, triggering “a proximity-activated audio system” that played recorded testimonials from the homeless people who had been displaced. A sign told pedestrians this was “mayor Campbell Newman’s penance to the homeless”. Supplied For a certain sector of Australians, this kind of provocation is an impulsive habit. When he learned of policed exclusion zones around Brisbane’s G20 Summit, Candy invented faux “security cameras”.

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PANEL The undersigned certifies that he or she has acted independently and impartially and to the best of his or her knowledge has no known conflict in serving as Panelist in this proceeding. Franklin, and Richard Hill as Panelists. A timely Response was received and determined to be complete on October 26, Complainant According to Complainant, it owns the registered trademark “Hardcore Gamer” which has been used in commerce since January 28, as the name of an internationally distributed video game magazine published by Complainant with a circulation of over , copies.

The Respondent has rights and legitimate interest to the domain in question, as Respondent has continuously spent thousands of dollars and countless hours of time for two years in marketing support, search engine optimization, brand building, and content development for the domain in question. Respondent is making a legitimate, noncommercial use of the domain name without any intent to mislead users for commercial gain or to tarnish the trademark of Complainant.

Respondent did not register the domain in bad faith, as the intent at registration was to continue to operate the site as a private, video game enthusiast website, as it has been operating since The disputed domain name is the property of The Hardcore Gamer, Inc. Respondent does not accept advertising revenue for the web site at the disputed domain name. Additional Submissions In its Additional Submission, Complainant responds to various allegations made by Respondent concerning its trademark.

Complainant states that Respondent submitted evidence showing that they formed “The Hardcore Gamer, Inc.

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Their ad is not about selling you on signing up for their offering. Instead they position themselves as a resource to help you find the top online dating sites. One thing to point out about this ad is something not many people pay attention to in AdWords… the domain name. In addition, they effectively use Sitelinks the blue links under the ad , which can help increase CTRs and get prospects more quickly to the most relevant page on a site.

And, lastly, they have a call to action in the copy which tells people what to do when they get to the site—compare reviews and sign up for free.

You might as well stay home, because you’re going to get scammed either way it goes in the PI.

Site has been archived Mrs. Meyers Video Player Launched in December, This was a fun little project for the folks at mono that was built as a mini-campaign for Mrs. It utilized an XML data structure for bringing in visual assets, allowing for tons of asset re-use. The main navigation, boat navigation and photo galleries were all integrated into the same file making for a super-efficient user experience.

Site has been archived LS Black Launched in November, Developed in tandem with Brian at Form and Logic , this was a revamp of LS Black Constructors’ online presence, the main goal to provide consistency and class to their portfolio of work. Site has been archived Rossignol USA Launched in One of our earlier Flash projects, we built this microsite for Rossignol’s launch of their new line of ski’s, the Zenith.

Site has been archived 40th Anniversary Trafficked in October, Sesame Street’s 40th anniversary is a big deal, so coinciding with a re-launch of their website, we helped mono push out a ton of online ads to help direct parents and their children to the new site. Definitely a team exercise and we were glad to work amongst such talented folks. The band had broken up in , but came together for a set of reunion concerts in , for which this project was the official kick-off.

Archived Launched in July, This is one in a series of 3 micro-sites that were created for Zeiss through Pocket Hercules. One of the cool features was to show how their rangefinder binoculars would detect the range of things in your field-of-view.

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Respondent denies this allegation and the Complainant has failed to provide convincing evidence to prove its allegations.

The company didn’t want to fork over the cash for a large ad campaign, but after a guerrilla marketing stunt flopped, Yagan and his team decided to try something completely different. The hope was that the wacky idea would, at the least, spark press coverage of the parent site. At first, CrazyBlindDate created virtually no buzz. In turn, by early , OkCupid had doubled its monthly users to about two million, with , active daters.

What’s Happened Since CrazyBlindDate hasn’t exactly exploded in popularity, but it’s still hanging on, and nightly dates have doubled to , owing mainly to its launch in three new markets. Though Yagan acknowledges that OkCupid’s growth has had many causes, including the boost in traffic that all free sites are benefiting from amid recessionary frugality, he believes CrazyBlindDate has played a substantial role. What’s Next Yagan says he will continue to expand the CrazyBlindDate network as he identifies large media outlets with which to partner on new launches.

There are also tentative plans to integrate the two sites so users can access the CrazyBlindDate platform from OkCupid. Additional spinoffs are also likely. May 1, More from Inc.


Nanas by Niki de Saint Phalle in Hanover , Germany Cher Krause Knight states, “art’s publicness rests in the quality and impact of its exchange with audiences Such cultural interventions have often been realised in response to creatively engaging a community’s sense of ‘place’ or ‘well-being’ in society. Monuments , memorials and civic statuary are perhaps the oldest and most obvious form of officially sanctioned public art, although it could be said that architectural sculpture and even architecture itself is more widespread and fulfills the definition of public art.

Independent artwork , created and installed without being officially sanctioned is ubiquitous in nearly every city.

Each agency received a final assessment of their results from the mystery shopper assessment, team culture survey, and Module One evaluation.

Link to Detailed Rules 1. Follow Title Guidelines Submission titles should be detailed and direct. Do not editorialize titles or use vague titles. Remember to add flair to your post after submitting. Include English Translations Articles that are entirely in Korean must include an English translation or detailed summary. Single-line or Twitter translations are not sufficient. Do not use machine translations like Google or Bing.

No Memes, Jokes, or Shitposts Items intended primarily for humor are forbidden. No Piracy This includes links to sites which promote or facilitate piracy as well as direct links to pirated materials such as torrents. Always link to officially licensed sources when available. No Idol Pics Except Teasers Direct image posts, gifs, and gfys of idols are forbidden with the exception of official teaser images, announcements, and behind-the-scenes.

No Throwback Posts Please only post current releases, performances, and variety appearances. No Group-specific Fluff Forbidden: No Low-effort or Stale Discussions Discussion threads should be conversation starters and include significant content beyond just asking a question.

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There was a problem loading your content. Log in or sign up to find connections to Sarah. Overseeing entire pipeline of social media, print, point of sale, broadcast and web development Account management duties include client communications, writing copy, social media campaign development, email marketing campaign management and providing statistics and analytics reporting and analysis.

Accounts managed include Shakey’s Pizza, St. Wrote articles and blog posts on a wide variety of consumer verticals from lifestyle,

Bonus tip — Find a partner that can automate the whole process, let you know where you stand, and post responses Claiming and managing your profile online takes time.

I served as the interviewer, director and producer of the documentary. I also created the website and organized documentary screenings across the mid-Atlantic. Converted an HTML site to a WordPress site, created an eCommerce solution, secured and created social media ads, created email campaigns, and provided business recommendations based on market research I conducted using current and potential clients. Breaking the Glass Ceiling When a woman is present at a rock concert specifically, certain assumptions are made.

Spotify stands on solid ground even in a saturated market with numerous competitors such as Pandora, Beats Music, Songza, and I Heart Radio, among numerous others. As the harbor only spans a few miles, visitors and residents both have to eventually go beyond the harbor but there is still a resounding fear of neighborhoods beyond the downtown area.

Being an area highly diverse, the film features as main characters an entirely white cast. The process involves developing a product through market research and analyzing the resulting data to device a product roll-out plan. Baltimore County, I created a 60 credit degree proposal:

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The Ryan White Wellness Center uses peer navigators to provide an additional level of support to clients that face challenges remaining in care and achieving viral suppression. The peer navigators began their work in early The navigators worked closely with the clinical case management team and administrative staff to create policies and procedures and develop peer-led strategies. Navigators provide various services to clients including:

Anonymous I’ve visited the Philippines with my family, on my own,with my own family now.

There was 24, and then another I hope you enjoy it and find some use out of it. If you would like to read the full list online before you download, continue reading. Money Stamping — grab a stamper from your local office supply store and stamp a funny phrase along with your website address on it. Have a make money online blog? Sticky Notes — Another way to use your stamper or even your printer. Put these on local business doors, offices, cars, or above mail boxes in apartment complexes and people will take notice.

So many stamps — Looking for a way to get noticed in the huge pile of advertising mail potential clients get? Send your promo material in a big manilla envelope and put 39 — 1 cent stamps on it. Get some door hangers printed up with your business information on it and possibly a link to something free on your site.

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