Former Oregon nurse pleads guilty to sexually abusing ER patients

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Judge Marshall also found one of the reasons why the “hypoglycaemic event” was not noticed earlier by attending clinicians was that Sokhi had communicated a normal blood glucose level reading, and therefore clinicians were looking at other causes for the sudden deterioration. Judge Marshall found Sokhi must have been wrong about obtaining a normal blood glucose reading.

The nurse’s lawyers had submitted it was in the interests of justice, public order and personal privacy.

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Advertisement Utah hospital to update policy after nurse arrest In this July 26, , frame grab from video taken from a police body camera and provided by attorney Karra Porter, nurse Alex Wubbels is arrested by a Salt Lake City police officer at University Hospital in Salt Lake City. The announcements mark the latest fallout from nurse Alex Wubbels’ release last week of July 26 video from a Salt Lake City police officer’s body camera showing him dragging her from University of Utah Hospital and handcuffing her.

The officer has been put on leave, and his agency has apologized. Hospital CEO Gordon Crabtree said changes took effect in August that allow only senior nursing supervisors to speak with law enforcement and ban conversations with police in patient care areas. Officials spoke publicly for the first time to make it clear that the hospital took action long before Wubbels released the video, said Crabtree, who called the officer’s actions out of line.

Her actions are nothing less than exemplary. Wubbels has said she released the video her attorneys received through a public records request partly because she was unhappy that university police didn’t help her. She wasn’t immediately available for comment on the hospital’s announcements. Brophy said that when he met with Wubbels and her attorney last Tuesday, he had not seen the video. She had done everything she possibly could to make that situation work and she wasn’t rewarded for that.

Supreme Court ruling said a blood sample cannot be taken without patient consent or a warrant. Salt Lake City Detective Jeff Payne insisted, though police didn’t have a warrant and the unconscious patient was not a suspect. The dispute ended with Payne saying, “We’re done, you’re under arrest” and pulling her outside while she screamed, “I’ve done nothing wrong!

He bullied me to the utmost extreme, and nobody stood in his way.

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Protesters met in front of the downtown Public Safety Building around 6 p.

Growing Opportunities for Nurses in Home Health Care Kathy Quan NursingLink One of the first patients I lost was an elderly man who had sent his wife home to get some rest after they shared his meal tray together. His concern was for her health and well-being, but as he began to feel his own death approaching, he called me in to his room and asked if I could sit and hold his hand. We talked softly for a few minutes as he held my hand. I lightly rubbed his back with my other hand and he smiled, relaxed, and closed his eyes.

He began to drift off and then I noticed that his breathing was slowing down and his body was going limp. Then he took in a deep breath and came to momentarily, opening his eyes and thanked me for staying with him. In a whispered voice, he asked me to tell his wife he loved her. Death on the Job The death of a patient is a harsh reality in nursing.

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Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Shocking video of an unarmed man being gunned down by a cop as he begged for his life has been released after the officer was cleared of murder. Daniel Shaver died instantly after being shot five times in the chest in a shooting his family has branded an ‘execution’. The father-of-two was shot dead by cop Philip Mitchell Brailsford during the incident last year, and footage has now been released showing what happened.

Horrifying bodycam footage shows a sobbing Shaver, 26, begging ‘please don’t kill me’ and crawling toward the officer before he opens fire. The silhouette of Brailsford’s huge rifle can be seen on the hotel wall next to him as he keeps his sights on the prone man. The shocking footage shows Daniel Shaver on his knees sobbing before he was shot Image:

The silhouette of Brailsford’s huge rifle can be seen on the hotel wall next to him as he keeps his sights on the prone man.

Comment required October 10, 8: Brandon Shearer, a spokesman for the department. Attorney Greg Skordas has said Payne served the department well for nearly three decades and questioned whether his behavior warranted termination. James Tracy, was also demoted to officer. James TracyAP The case received widespread attention after the body-camera video was released by Wubbels and her lawyer in late August.

It showed her explaining that hospital policy required a warrant or formal consent to draw blood from the patient who had been injured in a car crash. He was an off-duty reserve Idaho police officer driving a semitrailer when he was hit by a man fleeing police in a pickup truck.


Shannon Kepler, 57, who is white, was found guilty in his fourth trial on a first-degree murder charge for the August shooting of Jeremey Lake, who was black. A sentencing hearing is scheduled for Nov. Kepler, who was an off-duty police officer at the time of the incident, said he was acting in self-defense when he fatally shot Lake.

One such theme was workload and staffing.

Transforming the Nursing Work Environment. This report recognized appropriate nurse staffing levels are essential for patient safety. Nurse-patient ratios are a starting point in the discussion of appropriate levels of nurse staffing. Researchers agree patient acuity and skill mix must also be taken into consideration when addressing nurse staffing issues Tevington, There is a paucity of research that addresses patient acuity, skill mix, and nurse-patient ratios.

According to Needleman and colleagues , Magnet hospitals also have lower patient morbidity and mortality rates than non-Magnet hospitals. A 3-year study conducted in a Magnet hospital analyzed over three million patient records. Researchers examined the effect of inadequate nurse staffing on mortality. The literature suggests nurse-patient ratios of 4: Health care in the United States is a commodity, and nurses are an expensive budgetary consideration.

Health care facilities have the potential to achieve large financial savings by reducing the number of nurses. Despite the evidence, many institutions are unwilling or unable to provide nurse staffing that is supported by the growing body of research Duffin, ; Garretson, Implementing this one evidence-based practice could have a positive impact on patient outcomes, ultimately decreasing patient morbidity and mortality Aiken et al.

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It’s a disruptive moment for any staff nurse, patient or family member who is involved. Violence in Emergency Departments is a hot topic due to the rising frequency of occurrences nationally. That should never change.

This study confirms that many nurses are not leaving their current positions because of the uncertain economy, despite declining job satisfaction.

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Lists on specific types of nurses. Everything from specialty nurses, student nurses, and even a couple lists on being a male nurse yeah, had to include that one. But, on the flip side, not everyone can do what we do. In fact there are certain things about our job that should deter nurse-hopefuls from even making the attempt.

Opportunities to role-play or rehearse appropriate actions can increase confidence for behavior in actual situations.

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