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Viking crafters were very big on this style. This child’s sock is from ancient Egypt, in Coptic style; wonderful how it has kept its colors! Coptic Christians of Roman Egypt liked to make a separate pouch for the big toe. Japanese work boots still have them today. A Day in Pompeii 9: This has sound, special effects; you are there, looking out an upper story window. It’s scary and eerily fascinating. Sometimes watching is more effective than reading.

CABO/ANSI A Standard

From up to , National provided Airways companies with HRO receivers for use at airports and for airway navigation uses. The RCD provided specific airways features like squelch, relay controlled speaker selection and audio bandpass filters and single audio amplifier output sections designed for either Z ohm lines or Z ohm speakers that had internal output transformers. No S-meters, no crystal filters and most importantly, no external power supply. Undoubtedly, the Airways companies found the HRO, with its numerous idle coils and separate power supply, somewhat difficult to install and maintain.

Other portions of the site provide journey planning plus similar details for other transit providers in the region.

Plastic and pictorial iconography—painting, sculpture, mosaic—also offer abundant testimony to the jewelry worn in various eras. It is probable that prehistoric humans thought of decorating the body before they thought of making use of anything that could suggest clothing. Before precious metals were discovered, people who lived along the seashore decorated themselves with a great variety of shells, fishbones, fish teeth, and coloured pebbles.

People who lived inland used as ornaments materials from the animals they had killed for food: After they had been transformed from their natural state into various elaborate forms, these materials, together with animal skins and bird feathers, provided sufficient decoration. This era was followed by one that saw a transition from a nomadic life to a settled social order and the subsequent birth of the most ancient civilizations. Most peoples settled along the banks of large rivers, which facilitated the development of agriculture and animal husbandry.

Indirectly, this also led to the discovery of virginal alluvial deposits of minerals, first among which were gold and precious stones. Over the years the limited jewelry forms of prehistoric times multiplied until they included ornaments for every part of the body. For the head there were crowns, diadems, tiaras, hairpins, combs, earrings, nose rings, lip rings, and earplugs. For the neck and torso there were necklaces, fibulae the ancient safety pin , brooches, pectorals breastplates , stomachers, belts, and watch fobs.

For the arms and hands armlets, bracelets, and rings were fashioned.

Dating buttons; a chronology of button types, makers, retailers and their backmarks

The two phone calls in question include absolutely nothing about possible collusion with Russia to change the outcome of the U. Both took place more than a month after the election and both were initiated by the Americans involved. Based on the information revealed regarding the two conversations, and, unlike the highly nuance-sensitive editors working for the mainstream media, this is the headline that I would have written for a featured article based on what I consider to be important:

Red silk embroidered on a dark blue cotton background, the design, a wheel with an arrow through it.

This is the “Ridgeway Civil War Research Center”, a research tool for educational purposes only, and is provided at no cost to the reader. Some of the relics listed are retained in the author’s collection, most reside in other collections and are not owned by the author. None of the items listed in this section are for sale, please refer to relicman. This is a work in progress, I list items as I get to them, there are many patterns that are not listed yet, this list will be regularly updated as I get pictures and descriptions for more items.

I will also correct mistakes, so if you see any please tell me. All items listed are believed to be authentic to the Civil War or as otherwise described. Any excavated relics have been recovered from private property with owners permission. This information is available for research purposes, pictures may be used by permission only.

Most information on this page is from: Bazelon and William F. Pictures are generally by the author, unless otherwise indicated. Confederate Navy button, “CSN” anchor with two bands on lined background with rope border, English wartime manufacture, S. This die pattern features anchor with two bands on a lined field over “CSN” with a rope border. Two part very high convex button with strong features, large coat size.

National HRO Receiver

I hope this helps. Some Dogma There is a lot of confusion around touch technologies, and despite a history of over 25 years, until relatively recently , few had heard of multi-touch technology, much less used it. So, given how much impach it is having today, how is it that multi-touch took so long to take hold? It took 30 years between when the mouse was invented by Engelbart and English in to when it became ubiquitous, on the release of Windows

At least one of these was the Cutaway I, which, as the name suggests, was an archtop with a cutaway.

After a hectic first fortnight at All Saints, there was no time to pause for breath. The second Saturday of July dawned bright and sunny and the first weekend team of the year got straight to work! Digging gear ready to go! Weekend Warriors Inducted, oriented and tooled up, the new team took straight to the trench. The plan of attack was to attack on two fronts, investigating two very different sequences of archaeology.

Dineke, Sue and Gill get started. In the centre of the trench, Archaeology Live! Over the previous three seasons, a sequence of 19th century deposits had been excavated and the team had begun to wonder if the space had ever received a burial. As work progressed, a faint rectangular edge did eventually emerge and the new team made quick work of recording their suspected grave backfill.

Recording done, it was now time to break out the trowels and start digging. As the depth of a burial can never be predicted, this process is carried out slowly and with great care and one of the edges of the grave cut proved to be very clear — the others were somewhat less co-operative. Dineke struck first, spotting an oddly shaped and distinctly heavy object from the mass of animal bone and pottery that was being recovered from the backfill deposit.

Its purpose may remain a mystery for now, but an assessment of our small finds is scheduled for next year and may tell us a little more.

Against Overgendering Harassment

The following items can be found on the The Quartermaster’s Store website , with full descriptions, photographs and prices. These Beach groups were composed of specialist units of the Army, Navy, and R. The naval element was made up of R. Recovery Section and Pioneer Companies.

I had a chief harass me daily which resulted in administrative actions when I tried resisting her abuse.

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Note this officer three part cuff or hat size button was originally used along with the three part coat buttons with double rings, original use of both of these began about There may be some transitional use of this backmark as the cuffs do not appear to have been redesigned after the war when staff coat buttons using backmarks with the redesigned single ring were issued. Also note that an inner solid ring sometimes appears, this appears to be irregular and likely occured from assembly, and is not thought to have been part of the die design.

Single edged blade made by Horster of Solingen.

If you would like us to send you an email whenever we add new stock please enter your email address below and click GO. The phrase basket-type hilts refers to a large group of hilts which provide a degree of protection to the hand and wrist. Basket-hilted swords have featured prominently among British military edged weapons over the past five centuries, from the Wars of the Roses in the mid fifteenth century to the period immediately after the second Boer War of the early twentieth century.

In setting out to give a full account of the hilt type, and the many variants within it, the first necessity has been to provide an appropriate terminology to employ in cataloguing and describing individual examples. The book, well illustrated with black and white illustrations, falls into several parts, dealing successively with general aspects of various hilt types and discussion of typological methodology, the three major groups of basket-hilted swords, the diverse group of incomplete basket hilts, ‘mortuary’ hilts, and hilts closely related to ‘mortuary’ hilts.

His large collection of British military swords may be seen at Brown University, donated by the author. The best book on British swords to be published for over a generation. Was born in in St. From – he studied in Vhuteine?? In the s to s – he was working in the newspapers “Pravda”, “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, “Izvestia”, “For Industrialization”; in “30 Days” magazine, “Height”, “Foreign Literature”, “Youth”, “Ogonyok” the magazine received numerous prizes for the best pictures of the year.

Author of campaign posters on topical issues of his time – anti-bourgeois, anti-religious, anti-fascist; posters on the theme of socialist labour and sports. It illustrates and prepares books for Military Publishing, publishing “Young Guard”, “Soviet writer”, “truth” and others. He created works in easel graphics – portraits, landscapes, drawings, executed in ink, brush, gouache, watercolor, pencil.

The Lanes Armoury

This page updated 22 February, www. Note from the Lost Worlds webmaster: This approach works well enough for Modern scientific history but less so for archaic history. Given that the books consulted for this set of webpages were a little old, even when the pages were originally started, this can probably be applied to information given below on Sumeria. Which in turn might affect some dates for Ancient Egypt.

Some examples also show up with a non-vibrato tailpiece and a simpler bridge without the attached mute, when they originally should have had both the mute and the vibrato.

It is a democratic and open process. The Standard has a history of over 35 years. The latest revision is the most comprehensive since the version. Although anyone can propose a revision to the standard, the Committee ultimately votes on all proposals and only those that are approved are accepted. The process of updating and revising the standard during this cycle has been intensive and thorough. There were two formal Committee ballots and two limited ballots.

Three complete public drafts were disseminated widely. There were actually four complete drafts written. In total, there were 21 days of formal Committee hearings at which more that proposed revisions were addressed.

Button backmarks, Scovill

For the UK civil rights organisation, see StopWatch campaign. Sped-up stopwatch animation for 59 seconds and its reading. Digital stopwatch A stopwatch is a handheld timepiece designed to measure the amount of time elapsed from a particular time – when it is activated – to the time when it is deactivated. A large digital version of a stopwatch designed for viewing at a distance, as in a sports stadium, is called a stopclock. In manual timing, the clock is started and stopped by a person pressing a button.

The storage tin of universal pattern but lined in salmon pink cotton velvet.

The following items can be found on the The Quartermaster’s Store website , with full descriptions, photographs and prices. These Beach groups were composed of specialist units of the Army, Navy, and R. The naval element was made up of R. Recovery Section and Pioneer Companies. Beach groups first operated in the landings in Sicily. On 6th June , D Day, on the Normandy beaches beach-group troops landed with the assault troops and distinguished themselves in the establishment and maintenance of the beachhead.

Both badges are in a nice issued and removed from uniform. Minor toning to silver finish. Worn in the Persian Gulf – Each is circa 5cm across. As worn by other ranks. Westlake No refers. Sold to Phil A This badge was designed by J.

Captivate 9 Tutorial – Controlling the Timeline with A Custom Button